Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Story Behind The LiftAlone, More Than Just a Panel Lift

The LiftAlone was invented to allow one person to easily install drywall ceilings. I put a second floor addition on my house several years ago and since I did every thing myself. I installed an acoustical ceiling. It was easy to measure, snap a chalk line, install the rails, then drop in the FRP panels. The panels were easy to score or cut with a standard utility knife and provided average sound control.

It was time to remodel and my wife said she was tired of the commercial grade ceiling that looked like something you would find in schools or offices. Removal was easy since the panels were lighter than regular gypsum board. I knew the standard application for a residential ceiling involved using sheetrock. By adding some metal studs, extra insulation, blue board and plaster I was able to create some interesting ceilings which were very sound proof. Of coarse all this was made possible by the LiftAlone. I am not a builder or even a plasterer but I saw the potential and filed the patent.

After receiving the patent I found many other applications for my LiftAlone. It has been used to install many ceiling fans, light fixtures, garage door openers, and ceiling medallions. LiftAlone is used by Habitat for Humanity in SW Florida to replace ceilings in homes tainted by Chinese drywall. LiftAlone has also been used by HydroLab in Cicero Indiana were US and Canadian contractors learn to repair flood damaged homes. Since water damage can lead to mold growth, ceilings need to be replaced and LiftAlone makes it an easy one man job.

LiftAlone is a favorite tool for basement finishers. Not only does it hold the sheet- rock, it also holds framing lumber and HVAC duct work.

A companion product called the RockRoller has since been developed. It will change the way you move large panels of sheetrock. When loaded it is only 6 inches wide so it even travels thru studded walls. It is another favorite with the folks at Habitat for Humanity here in SW Florida. RockRoller is patent pending.

Both the RockRoller and LiftAlone are proudly made in the USA by Granite Industries of Archbold Ohio, buy American whenever you can.

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